7 Female Founders Inspiring Us This Month + The Stories You Did’t Know

7 Female Founders Inspiring Us This Month + The Stories You Did’t Know

It’s no lie that women make the world go round. In the home, at the office, in the laboratory, and just about as far as the eye can see women are breaking barriers. We’re talking science (Marie Curie, radium), math (Ada Lovelace, computer programs), literature (Mary Shelley, Frankenstein and mother of the sci fi novel), and many other fields.

Not only do women come to bat every single day (!!) but we do it in heels, looking hot, PMS-ing, and sometimes with children in (or out) of us. Yikes! It’s a lot. So, we have compiled a list of our favorite female entrepreneurs, who are looking to ease the life of other women. Kind of a tit for tit situation if you will.

Cayla O’Connell Davis & Lauren Sagadore: Knickey  

Cayla and Lauren are sustainability pros who wanted to keep your ass comfortable. Upgrading the top drawer, this duo utilized low-impact, earth-friendly organic cottons to make sure that when you get home, you actually WANT to keep your bra on.

Phoebe Kunitomi: okko

Phoebe was raised in a Korean-Japanese household on a foundation grounded by minimalism. When she founded Okko (Our Kind of KnockOut) in 2018, she asked herself why women have to put up with the frills of clothing and rarely the comfort: exhibit A being our lack of pockets, exhibit B being our use of spanx *insert breathless eye roll.* Okko isn’t just about talk, they’re about function, and it shows. Their first three products — the seamless bra, undies, and nipple covers — were born after receiving input from over 100 women of various shapes and sizes.

Bunny & Taran Ghatrora: Blume

Taran and Bunny are the sisters behind Blume, the cornerstone of healthy (not perfect) skin and periods. Created to combat the “embarrassing” silence around the mundane: periods and acne! We all have it, and Blume refuses to pretend we don’t. With a focus on destigmatizing the feminine taboo, Blume looks towards a future of happier, healthier women who are confident in their body’s natural function.

Jamie Steenbakkers: Busy Co

Women are busy, if not with work, then with the unfair beauty standards we are held to– and Busy Co’s founder was sick of the hustle. Why stress when your “feminine” deodorant falls through because you were on a 98º subway car that smelled like alcohol? Exactly, you shouldn’t need to, because the men sure won’t.

Be ready in 5 minutes or 5 hours, it’s your choice, and Busy Co just made it easier.

Monica Grohne: Marea

Women bleed. Get over it. Some of us do it like clockwork, and others are so irregular it’s become a bit of a guessing game. Either way, Monica wants you to know what’s going on in your body. Having suffered from severe PMS her whole life, with no relief from OBGYNs, nutritionists, or psychologists, Monica decided to find her own relief. Marea was founded to empower women by educating them on their periods and symptoms, because we are all menstruating humans.