The Best Gifts for Nosy (and Lovable) Co-workers

You have to see them everyday, might as well get them you care– even just a little bit. Find all the perfect gifts for the office introvert and extrovert from those rather left alone or who lead Friday karaoke.

If they’d rather be left alone…


Calm Headphones

Let them block everyone out (especially the office chatterbox) with these stylish noise canceling headphones, because nothing says “leave me alone” quite like this.

Know Headphones



Hardcover Notebook A5

In the quiet moments they have to themselves, maybe they want to journal about how they can avoid others better next time or about how an argument SHOULD have gone.




Straight Facts Trio Set

When they get home, they need to relax and unwind– alone. Let them light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and forget that they have to do it all over again tomorrow.

Spoken Flames



Wild One Harness

The cutest gift for their best friend, they’ll use this harness to go on walks with the only thing that doesn’t zap a bunch of energy out of them

Wild One



Limited Edition Sateen + Robe

An introvert loves nothing more than a self-care night in to indulge in all their guilty pleasures. Help them out with a lush, soft, and relaxing robe.




Porter Mug

Who doesn’t love coffee, and need a caffeinated IV to get them through the day? Get them this chic coffee mug for all their latte, chai, macchiato, needs.

W & P


If they love making friends at the water fountain…


Pocket Journal

So that they can write down all of the necessary information down: who the new co-workers are, what the office gossip is, brainstorm ideas to get everyone to love them more, etcetera.




Meta Puzzle

You already know that they’ll be hosting happy hour at their house any chance they get. They’ll love this puzzle to wine and relax with all of their friends and co-workers.

Piecework Puzzles



Small Non-Stick Skillet

What says loving co-worker like bringing in snacks for the team? Get this for a foodie extrovert who wants to make everyone’s Friday by bringing in a little home-made something.




The Long Merly Jacket

They’ll need a cute jacket to meet everyone for happy hour after work, and also because it is a GREAT conversation starter.




Juniper 1L

They’ll need an excuse to chat people up by the water fountain or in the kitchen, and what’s a better one than hydration? Not to mention that the 1 liter bottle gives them about one solid minute of talking time.