What to Buy For The Minimalist Guy Courtesy of Victor Lopez

Because Shopping For Guys Should Be A No-Brainer.

Victor Lopez, aka @hisootd on Instagram has laid the groundwork for minimalist men everywhere. He has craftily curated his NYC life, making it a breeze to find out his personal spins on everyday style. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Victor has traveled the globe studying photography in Florence, and experiencing the world around him. Living in the Big Apple has given him plenty of opportunity to unleash his creative eye, but also meet up with his good friends for coffee, and take long walks through Central Park.

He knows that everyone has that one guy in their group of friends that is so simple and cool— you know, those minimalists that are doing it better than everyone else. Since Victor falls under that category himself, we got to pick his brain to find the best holiday go-to’s for the guys that seem to have everything.

His first tip is to understand minimalism. It’s neutral colors: grey’s, black’s, navy’s. And they most definitely have their go-to pair of jeans all good and ready— Victor wears DSTLD jeans— see, we told you. So think about building off of that. A black hoodie, like our Upcycled Palm Hoodie from Tact & Stone, is the first staple Victor suggests. Then, a nice clean black button down shirt, also from Tact & Stone will be great to pair with any type of style. It can take him from a zoom meeting, to some socially distanced cocktails, and even for seeing some loved ones this holiday season (safely, you know what we mean). And while we’re on the subject of Tact & Stone, Victor tells us that for him, it’s important he shops with brands who actually listen to what their customers need, and deliver. Why? Because it’s all about functionality for guys who prefer that minimalism life.

Upcycled Hoodie, $95

And if you think he has enough plain tees in his closet, then think about his footwear. You know, the same sneaker style he’s been rocking since his college days can surely be upgraded. Victor’s top pick would be an all-weather boot (because you only need the one pair, how amazing). The Mateo All-Weather Boots from Nisolo provide the best amount of support and the fine craftsmanship is clear as soon as you take them out the box. Now he can trek through any weather the winter will bring with ease.

Mateo All Weather Black, $260

Second, (or if you don’t want to guess anyone’s sizes) the other best gift to go with is anything that has to do with technology. For Victor, that’s the Know Comfy earbuds. Giving the gift of quiet (because they’re noise-cancelling) and letting people tune out all of the crazy around them, and tune into the music may just be the best gift ever received. The best colorway for our topic of conversation would definitely be the matte black— they stay in your ears comfortably, and match every outfit your minimalist guy could ever dream of.

Know Headphones, $249

Finally, his third tip is to stop putting so much pressure on finding that ‘it’ gift. For the guys in our lives who have really leaned into the minimalism lifestyle, they aren’t looking for you to guess the perfect item they’ve wanted their entire life. Seriously, sometimes the best gift is something he doesn’t take the time to buy for himself, like the Huron Big 3 Kit. Clean ingredients, easy to use, and won’t break the bank in case he wants to rebuy— score. Just approach it like, this is for you because you are someone who means the most to me. And since we don’t have the luxury of quality time and meeting up this year, it’ll be the little things that mean the most.

The Shower Kit, $42