Turning Morning Beauty Routines into Rituals with Sara Rose Donahue

Turning Morning Beauty Routines into Rituals with Sara Rose Donahue

Sara Rose Donahue, entrepreneur, influencer, and founder of the nonprofit Gratitude University, is committed to conscious beauty. Sara Rose is helping her community make the switch from beauty products that cause harm to the body or the environment to products that are clean and natural. Not only that, she also figured out a way to turn her clean beauty morning routine into a conscious ritual to help her focus on staying mindful and grounded throughout the day.

“My mornings started becoming the most sacred time of my day after I changed my “daily routines” into conscious rituals. I made it a mission to make every step of my morning routine and beauty routine come from a place of intent and purpose. As soon as I started celebrating my morning self-care, skincare, and beauty rituals as the sacred time that they are, my days started having more intention as well. Instead of rushing through my routines to get them done, I shifted my habitual “routines” into meditative practices to help me come into the present and mindfully focus only on what I am doing in that very moment. I send gratitude and love to my skin and to the medicinal products that are healing and helping. I set up my space to be calming and energizing, and I dress in clothes that make me feel good without causing harm to the planet.”

The Things Sara Rose Can’t Live Without


An Instant Energy Boost

Making a warm, nutrient-packed drink is one of my most beloved parts of my morning. I always start first by nourishing my body with a big glass of water with lemon and then make my matcha or coffee. As I sip on this, my energy starts to kick in and I begin my skincare and beauty rituals.

Energy and Focus Superfood Blend




Super Flattering Underwear

You know that favorite pair of underwear that you always are reaching for? For me, it’s the high-rise brief by Knickey. I like everything high-rise these days and these are so flattering, made from certified organic cotton, and make me feel just the right amount cheeky.

High-Rise Brief




A Natural and Effective Scrub

If I am not awake enough from my matcha, this coffee scrub by Common Grounds always does the trick. While I use this in the shower, I shift into an active mindful meditation and leave with the softest, smoothest, happiest skin. I like a simple beauty product, and this only has 7 powerhouse ingredients.

Common Grounds Cacao & Vanilla

Common Grounds



A Candle to Set a Vibe

In order to turn my regular routines into rituals, I create an intentional and calming vibe in my space. Lighting this sustainable soy wax and coconut oil candle helps to create the perfect environment for my time journaling, meditating, reading, and doing my conscious skincare routine.

Pagua Bay Fragrance Luxury Beeswax Candle

Isle de Nature



For Achieving Hydration Goals

The amount of water I drink and the health and glow of my skin go hand in hand. If I don’t have a water bottle with me I won’t drink nearly enough water, so this stylish and sophisticated bottle goes everywhere with me.

Frost 1L



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In 2019 I founded nonprofit, Gratitude University, a program that teaches the importance of gratitude and how to incorporate a gratitude practice into one’s daily life. The program began providing classroom-style and one-on-one education to elementary students and evolved into a community gratitude initiative when schools were shut down due to COVID-19. I organized submissions of letters, emails, and art, showing gratitude for our Unsung Heroes, Essential, and Frontline Workers and released an online book, WITH GRATITUDE, dedicated to our heroes. During this difficult time, practicing gratitude has an even greater impact and committing to gratitude daily can help you tackle each day with a new mindset.

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