The Ultimate NYC Guide by The Verticale

The Ultimate NYC Guide by The Verticale

Being based out of NYC, it’d seem pretty obvious that each of our team members would have their own favorite places that they’ve deemed top tier. It IS the nature of New Yorkers, after all, for everyone to think that their spots are the absolute best.

Now that the summer is coming to an end and it is finally safe to go outside without the fear of sweat stains, we’ve curated our favorite NYC Verticale-approved spots. From our favorite coffee shops to secondhand thrift stores, expect cute cool places all across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

And meet some of our team while you’re at it!


Outside of work, my pup Pancake is my pride and joy (you could say that my husband and I are a little obsessed). We’ve only been Brooklynites for a hot minute but it’s already my favorite place that I’ve ever lived thanks to the neighborhood-feel and good vibes. Here are some of my Williamsburg go-tos, but I’m still a newbie so all recs are welcome (find me at @jaclyngrauman).

  • Bushwick Inlet Park (Williamsburg): Is so cute and you can walk right up to the water (there’s even a little beach front). The water keeps me grounded, and I walk Pancake there every morning to start my day.
  • Primp + Polish (Williamsburg): I love getting my nails done, it’s just so darn relaxing. But I find it hard to find salons that also preach their ethics. This cute spot not only does amazing nail art, but they also pay their employees fairly plus each manicurist gets to retain their tips. Employees also get paid sick leave and vacation days.
  • Misi (Williamsburg): Deliciously handmade pasta by female chef and owner Missy Robbins (get it?). The braised lamb spaghetti is to die for.  
  • Y7 (Williamsburg): Somedays I just really need those exercise-endorphins. Yoga has been my safe haven away from the insanity that is work, Covid, and my very needy but adorable pup. Being able to just get away is the best treatment for my mental health.
  • Egg Shop (Williamsburg): Eggs! That’s it, that’s the post. But seriously, I’m obsessed with this spot for all things breakfast/brunch. They have a seasonal menu that’s organic and locally sourced, as well as killer


I’m a born and raised Manhattanite– and it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else at this point. Born on the UWS, I’ve now relocated to downtown and love hanging out in the Village/Noho/Soho on the weekends. Here are some of my favorite spots:

  • Cafe Cluny (West Village): My first real adult apartment I had on my own was around the corner from Cluny on Jane street. Cluny has been in the West Village forever and there are always some fun celebrity sightings there. For years this was my Sunday relaxation and self care ritual. They have copies of the NY Times lined up at the bar and every Sunday I’d sit down,enjoy a plate of eggs or french fries (two of my favorite foods), and read the Times. It relaxed me and really set me up for the upcoming week! (Pictured Right)
  • Three Lives Bookstore (West Village): I have a severe addiction to purchasing books– probably should look into that… But I love going into Three Lives. Tucked away on 10th street, Three Lives is one of my favorite book stores in NYC: they have a great selection of new releases and the people that work there are always really helpful. Reading definitely stimulates my mind, and gets my creative juices flowing…
  • Jolene (Noho): I’m obsessed with NOHO and Great Jones Street (Andy Warhol, Basquiat anyone?). A newer restaurant on Great Jones is Jolene, but before it was Great Jones Cafe. I love coming here for an early dinner on the weekends to spend time with my loved ones and friends (which is really important to my mental health). Highly suggest getting a negroni and some of their smaller bites!
  • Clic Gallery (Soho): Okay, I have to give my boyfriend full credit for this one, since he introduced me to it. Clic is one of my favorite places for home decor, more books (just art ones this time), and fun art. I grew up in a design-centric home– my parents are architects– so home decor definitely feels like homebase to me. While it’s on the pricier side, I love to go into Clic for inspiration. But you can find some great affordable gifts as well: I got some really great cocktail napkins as a housewarming gift that were under $40 bucks!


I’m The Verticale Digital Content Coordinator, meaning I have my hands in all things social media, brand imagery, and digital marketing. In my freetime, I’m a neutral style content creator on instagram, and I read everything I can get my hands on. I spend most of my time in Bushwick and am clinically obsessed with good lattes.

  • La Cantine (Bushwick): a French-inspired cafe that has cultivated the *best* community and always feels like home. It’s owned by the loveliest woman named Ioana who makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. La Cantine does a lot of social justice work in the community and gives back SO MUCH. Their staff is really inclusive and they’re so lovely. Highly highly recommend the Chicken Cutlet Sandwich (add Avocado). (Pictured below)
  • Plus BKLYN (Williamsburg): My favorite inclusive women-owned secondhand thrift store that carries a wide range of sizes so you can just focus on finding the cutest clothes.
  • Milk and Pull Bushwick (Bushwick): A great little coffee shop– across the street from my laundromat, so I sit outside and read here when I’m waiting for my laundry. It’s Black-owned and they have a couple locations around Brooklyn. Love the iced dirty chai!
  • Molasses Books (Bushwick): A used bookstore, coffee shop, AND bar in Bushwick. I love their $1 book carts on the sidewalk– when I first moved here that’s the only way I could afford to buy books! They also have a barter system where you can trade books for wine, coffee, and more books 🙂


I’m The Verticale copywriter AKA the voice behind all these silly articles. Born and raised in Manhattan, I’m attached to the city at the hip (and we’ll see eventually if that’s a good or bad thing). My stomping ground is mainly Chelsea to Soho to the Lower East Side, and these are some of my favorite values-driven places near Soho for a casual Sunday.

  • Judi Rosen (Nolita): Judi Rosen is the hot girl spot for jeans if you want a juicy ass (I said what I said). Judi has been in NYC since Y2K, she designs and makes all her jeans locally. She’s normally in the store with her adorable dog and I have had her personally tell me my bum looked good in my fave Judi Jean.
  • Only Hearts (Nolita): I am a SUCKER for good lingerie. Meaning comfort, pretty, and will make my flat chest look like something is there. The softer, the hotter, the better. Made from organic cotton in NYC and woman-owned, it’s no wonder I’m addicted.
  • Honeybrains (NoHo): My favorite breakfast or casual lunch spot downtown. It was founded by neurologists so every dish is made with high quality ingredients meant to help your brain and body. It also supports local beekeepers and they’re the only Honey Bar in NYC right now! The honey nut latte and avocado toast are a MUST.
  • Epistrophe (Nolita): The cutest Italian cafe run by a husband and wife duo. Most days I walk in, it’s being frequented by all the Italian locals. Even though it’s in Soho, it’s normally very quiet and I can almost always find a table during Sunday brunch rush hour. The zucchini fritter dish is my go-to.


When I’m not working with the dynamic team at The Verticale you can find me exploring Brooklyn for new coffee shops, cocktail bars and snacks.

  • Grass Roots Juicery (Williamsburg): This place has the best housemade cold pressed juice and smoothies. One of my favorite smoothies is the Loli: Banana, Pineapple, Parsley, Avocado, Ginger, Lemon and Oat Milk.
  • Dobbin St. Vintage Co-op Corner Shop (Greenpoint): A great vintage furniture store– there are two locations with so many great treasures. They have new inventory daily!
  • Glasserie NYC (Greenpoint): Glasserie Restaurant & Bar is in the former Greenpoint Glass Works built in 1880. Glasserie is a great neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant that still has design elements of being an old factory. The menu changes seasonally– my favorite thing right now is the smoky eggplant & fresh pita.
  • Ramona (Greenpoint): Has a vintage feel with amazing craft cocktails. My go-to cocktail is the Hotel Danger! If you love Mezcal as much as I do you’ll love this: Peach Mezcal, Chipotle Agave, Aperol, Lemon, Grapefruit Zest.


Originally from Connecticut, I made my move to the city about 8 years ago and have loved every minute of this beautiful, lively city. I spent 6 years living in Gramercy, before I moved to midtown Manhattan with my dog Ozzy, and my fiancé. I can most often be found in the Gramercy, East Village and West Village areas, looking for new restaurants and boutique shops to check out. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Friend of a Farmer (Gramercy): This restaurant is my constant go-to. One of the first restaurants I frequented when I was new to the city, Friend of a Farmer pulls you in with its farm to table fare, but the people are what keep you coming back for more. A very dog-friendly space (Ozzy always gets the kitchen’s leftovers) and a farmhouse atmosphere, this is one of my all-time favorites.
  • Palma (West Village): IMHO this is one of the dreamiest spaces in NYC. You walk through a small dining space to a covered outdoor garden complete with a small carriage house and romantic lighting. Palma is named after its female owner, who runs the business with her husband, Pierre. They have made this space an extension of their family table and welcome their guests to enjoy an incredible Italian meal.
  • Cote a Coast (East Village): This store is like a day spa for an overly cluttered mind. The aesthetic is clean and calm, and they carry their own line of ethically produced clothing in addition to a curated selection of home goods, wellness products and accessories.
  • Awoke Vintage (Brooklyn): Although this falls a bit out of my usual stomping grounds, I have a serious Instagram shopping addiction to this store. Not only is this shop run by an incredible group of women, but they have a very cool selection of vintage clothing that they sell in their Brooklyn store and over Instagram. Their little pink packages make my day!