The (Gift) Guide to Gen Z

Wander Beauty

What ISN’T there to say about Gen Z? They gave us Greta Thundenberg, they run a cancel culture like a fortune 500 business, some of them remember VHS but most of them grew up with a razor flip phone in one hand and an ipod in the other. But there is so much good about them as well, they are digitally native and more aware of their surroundings and humanity as a whole than any other generation. They are also more diverse and advocate for equality regularly. 

So what do you get for the young disruptor looking to change the world? Well we compiled a whole gift guide built around the funny stereotypes surrounding them.

Stereotype: Physically attached to their devices

As if it wasn’t an issue before, now we have the highly entertaining TikTok. The app that created a language of its own, turns us all into DIY-ers, and has cut our attention span to all of 8 seconds. What side of TikTok you are defines you more than any astrology sign in their eyes. So, help them break up with their phones and this cycle with a notebook where they can manifest all their best dreams.

Pastel Bundle, Karst, $60

Stereotype: Tree Huggers

If you didn’t know already, Gen Z is the biggest advocate for climate change: focusing on circularity, shopping from thrift stores, and really trying to be conscious about what they do– help me if I have to see one more 19 year old making their own carpet on TikTok from old fabrics.  Get them a reusable water bottle to limit their plastic consumption, keeping it out of our oceans.

Frost 1L, bkr, $48

Saving the planet one bottle at a time 

Greta Shirt, Yes And, $95

For our girl

Stereotype: All in Therapy

One thing that really makes Gen Z special is that they are not afraid to talk about mental health, how they’re suffering through the day, how they’re scaring their therapists, and way more very personal items. Take one thing off of their (very anxious) plate, by making sure their nervous sweat and overthinking sessions don’t affect their ability to “secure the bag”.

Best Sellers Set, Busy Co, $49

Stereotype: Have their own language

Sure millennials innovated and paved the way for text speak (our OMGs LOLs TTYLs), but gen z takes it to the next level. I’m dead, no bones day, berries & cream, bet; honestly there’s more but none of it makes sense. There’s not much YOU can do to  understand them (maybe urban dictionary??) but you can be sure they at least look good.

Baggage Claim Eye Masks, Wander Beauty, $25

Stereotype: Obsessed with 2000s Culture

Now this is a rather new one, but the youth has spoken and we should all get our smackers lip balm out again. Because the 2k fashion is back and cool again, and we’re giving you the best gift bag for them: some cute lipgloss, and the most adorable chunky baby pink ring.

FYP Bundle, Youthforia, $70

Loop Ring Baby Pink, Mon Cher Moi, $40

Stereotype: Straight Leg Jeans Only

Skinny jeans are a thing of the past, or something that shows how old you are, according to Gen Z– don’t ask us why though. So for you little conscious Gen Z-er, we want to make those jeans last a lifetime with a non-chemical laundry detergent.

Bio Laundry Starter Kit, Dirty Labs, $25