12 Tail-Wagging Gifts For Good Boys & Girls

There’s no point in resisting it, you and your dog are becoming more and more similar everyday: from your hairstyle and attitude, to the way you lounge on the couch. You’re two peas in a pod, in search of adventure and going through some of your best years together. We’ve put together a gift guide for you and your best friend to look absolutely fabulous on your walks together.




Because having two hands is not enough, and the Wild One Leash allows you to unclip the handle end and strap it to yourself. Now there’s nothing stopping you from getting as many dogs as your favorite pair of jeans can hold!

Wild One



The Starter

Even though it’s more their apartment than yours, it is essential to remind them every once in a while who is paying the rent. Organizing their toys has never looked so good.

Folden Lane



The Dry Shampoo

All good city dogs know that their mom would never survive without dry shampoo. So why should they? The Rowan dry shampoo will give their fur all the love it deserves even on a bad hair day.




Anytime Calming – 1 Pack

You never know when fireworks could go off or when the pizza delivery could arrive, but rest assured that these calming chews will help any pup take a mindful moment.




4 Tennis Balls

The Wild One Tennis Balls in Lilac are an aesthetic dream come true. Have everyone at the dog park turning snouts when you walk in.

Wild One



Straight Sweatpants

Because no dog ever cared that it’s Sunday when they want to get walked. Don’t compromise on style or weekend comfort with these sweatpants. After all, they’re perfect for cuddling on the couch post-walk too.

Industry Standard



Chicken Tenders

Snack, anyone? It doesn’t get any more real than this! Made with only one ingredient, and guaranteed to win over the curated palate of all restaurant-going pups.

Wild One



Sweet Potato

One ingredient: North Carolina Sweet Potato. For all the veggie dogs out there who need their natural snack fix, with the added benefits of promoting digestion and gut health.

Wild One



Travel Carrier

For the dogs with separation anxiety or who are just plain spoiled, take them everywhere and anywhere.

Wild One



Amalia All Weather Boot

Is it rain? Is it snow? Is it…the dog not caring and wanting to go out? Stay all-weather ready with the Amalia boot, because while they don’t seem to care about getting their paws wet, you know that wet socks are a nightmare.





Make sure they are on top of their game with the Finn multivitamin. Take once daily for a healthy boost of Omega 3s and B vitamins, keeping your pup’s immune system at tip-top shape this winter.




Organic PB&J Treats

Because all good kids deserve treats, and these babies deserve the best. Spoil them with these PB&J treats that taste just like the dog equivalent of an afternoon snack. Give them a kiss on the snout. Say “good boy!” from me.

Wild One