Stop being Tired of Sleeping: 7 Products to Relax

A tuned list of items for a peaceful slumber.

Shifting from a relaxed WFH schedule to that of a more demanding post-COVID lifestyle can be stressful, and our sleep suffers from it.

While it is clinically shown that adults need 7 plus hours of sleep each night, it is sometimes forgotten that the quality of sleep is just as important as its quantity.

When was the last time you woke up to pillow-printed cheeks? To that safe feeling of being cocooned within the warmth of your own sheets? That deep desire to stay in bed through the sunrise and into the day, simply watching the world go by on your phone? Good sleep is hard to find, and irregular and languid patterns make it worse.

Insomnia and a general struggle to sleep plagues 68% of Americans, and perhaps this is because we do not value sleep as the entity it is. Only 1 in 10 Americans prioritize sleep in their day-to-day lives. That means less deep, blissful dreams and more aggravated days. Sleep is not only important in relaxing the body and assisting in strengthening things such as sex drive and mental health (and jeez do we need that after 2020), but it also physically resets the brain and allows us to process the knowledge we accumulated throughout the day.

It’s not hopeless! Good sleep is still possible. There are many factors to good sleep, but we’ll guide you towards the right few. The Verticale has accumulated the best and brightest items to help you sleep and rejuvenate (you’re welcome).

Sateen PJ Shorts, $40.60

Soft as silk, and light on the skin, these PJ Shorts are akin to sleeping naked. Classically tailored to look great under, on, and off the sheets — whether you’re wearing them or not.

Ethically produced in an environment which is CO2 neutral certified, these shorts also give back, donating 1% of bedding sales to environmental nonprofit organizations.

Sateen PJ Shorts, $39.20

Who doesn’t love a man in shorts? These PJ bottoms are soft, smooth, and most importantly breathable. Thermoregulated to keep everything below the belt cool when needed and warm when wanted, level up your sleepwear game for a stress-free sleep.

Ettitude’s reduces waste by sourcing their CleanBamboo™ material from FSC-certified sustainable forests, and by using recycled materials for their packaging and products as much as possible.

Light it into Existence, $34

Clinically tested to assist in better sleep and lead to a refreshed waking feeling, lavender is an essential ingredient in this candle. Paired with rose and patchouli, the soothing combination will evoke a sense of peace if you allow it.

The Light it into Existence candle is Black-Owned, and made of Responsible Materials: creating small batches; utilizing leftover ingredients; using American-made glassware; and making them locally.

Cleansing Balm, $24

Don’t sleep dirty! Seems simple enough, but not properly washing your face can irritate your skin which may lead to all sorts of breakouts, and who wants that. Grace & Stella’s clean-ingredient & fragrance-free cleansing balm removes any and all pollution, sunscreen, and makeup from your skin, saving you from horrific pimples.

Calm Headphones, $249

Podcasts, whale noises, symphonies, or whatever your poison may be, Know’s Calm Headphones come with a Hush Active Noise Cancellation and an impressive battery life, meaning you’re in for a long (and disturbance-free) night.

Know also pledges to give back, donating a portion of all headphone sales to — a non-profit focused on supporting the American public school system.

Verticale X Pluto, $95

Never settle for a subpar pillow. Seems easy enough, but when you sleep two to a bed, that compromise may be ever present. Enter Pluto, the first-ever customizable pillow. Made to order (and therefore creates less waste), so everyone can sleep comfortably.

Forbidden Fruit, $36

Proven to disturb sleep if used before bed, it’s time to set aside your tech, TV, and phone, and indulge in a simple glass of wine (to increase drowsiness) and a (quite honestly, gorgeous) puzzle.

Created with recycled materials