Easy Everyday Elevations with Nick Urteaga

Easy Everyday Elevations with Nick Urteaga

Nick, who is the founder of the creative agency Coastal Flicks, likes to focus on the seemingly small things. Thinking about things like high-quality bed sheets, or a sustainably made stylish t-shirt, can really improve your quality of life. Nick’s curated list of elevated staples can help you make small changes that’ll pay off in a big way.

“I think there are certain products in your everyday life that most people might neglect or overlook. However, small adjustments to elevate these products pay off in a bigger way than most people might respect. For instance, new, high quality bed sheets can improve a persons sleep more than I even realized. It’s the little things sometimes and that’s why these products are important to me.”

The Things Nick Can’t Live Without


Super High-Quality Headphones

The first product I recommend are the Calm Headphones. Not only are these headphones stylish and comfortable but they are also incredibly affordable for the caliber of noise canceling headphones they are.

Calm Headphones

Know Headphones



A Stylish and Functional Backpack

A good laptop backpack is important for a style point but also for a functional point. The primary products I have in my backpack are usually valuable and delicate so I need a backpack that’s going to secure those items.

Outbreaker Backpack




Everyday Elegance

I find it of the utmost importance to ritually exfoliate your week away, and to do so while smelling like a wI’m a big fan of simple and clean watches and I think this Vincero watch is just that. A good watch is another simple product that can elevate your style greatly.





A Skincare Essential

One thing I feel like guys neglect is skincare. This product is something that, like the others, is so small but a super important routine to get into for guys.

Eye Stick 2.0




A Recycled Cotton Tee

Good basics are an essential part of anyones wardrobe and that’s exactly what these shirts are from Tact & Stone. The fact that they are from recycled fabric is even more important.

Everyday Recycled Cotton Tee Straight Hem

Tact & Stone



The Secret to Excellent Hair

Having well groomed hair is so important and I think most guys can agree. However, using right product is super important for your hair. The Huron Hair Styler is perfect when you’re on the go but need to stay get your hair in great shape.

The Huron Hair Styler




A Summer Staple With a Twist

I chose the Palm Contrast shirt because it’s such a clean shirt with a little twist in the details. I’m a big fan of products that seem simple and clean but have a little twist to them. Almost giving them a bit of character setting them apart from the others.

Palm Contrast



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