The Ultimate New Yorker Gift Guide

The Ultimate New Yorker Gift Guide

Hey! I’m gift-guiding here! New Yorkers think they live in the best city in the world, from novelties like Pizza Rat and Broadway Musicals, you know you have to step up the game from them. Our gift guide is almost as pretentious as its recipient, except these gifts don’t need therapy and a massive amount of caffeine. 

PS. If you’re on the quest for the right gift for a special Californian, check out this guide.


Porter Water Bottle

Because NY-ers know that our tap water and ice coffee game is superior, now they just need a bottle as stylish and unique as they are.




Sequana Earrings

Let the city night skyline sparkle off of them, with these earrings that are the perfect combination of elegance and modernity.




The Unity Mat

Because while we don’t want to admit it, yoga CAN be relaxing… or at least gives you a good excuse to go out for brunch afterwards.




Woodless Art Pencil

Artsy friend? Take them to Washington Square Park and give them the chance to blow you away. NYC is full of wild inspo and fun characters. Plus if all else fails, they can always draw caricatures in Central Park.




Toto Brief – Charcoal

For both the executive uncle in the Upper East Side and the artsy cousin in Bushwick, this elegant brief is the perfect companion to any busy New Yorker’s to-go mess.

graf lantz



Dead Sea Mud Mask

Ideal for every person who has ever spent more than 24 hours in New York City. Because  you are LYING if you say it didn’t stress you out…

Grace & Stella



Coconut Scrub

We love our coffee here… all the way! The perfect exfoliant for these upcoming cold and dry months.

Common Grounds



Dazzling Off White Blouse

To the bar? An art gallery? A rooftop party? Walking the dog? This blouse is New York chic at it’s finest. Dress it up with slacks, go astronomical with a skirt, or take it slow with some jeans. This blouse will follow through, just like your favorite New Yorker making it to brunch on Sunday morning.




Relaxed Knit Backless Top

Because even though it’s frigid, god knows the club will be too hot to handle. Keep it warm and cool or anywhere in between with this knit beauty.




South Bicolor Camel & Beige

The frost might be coming but style isn’t going anywhere. Let them serve through the streets because we all already know their block is their personal catwalk.




Pagua Bay Fragrance Luxury Beeswax Candle

New York isn’t the best smelling city, the trash piled on the streets says that alone– even if we all try our hardest to ignore that fact. This candle will keep their homes smelling like a vacation getaway– and boy do they need it.

Isle de Nature



Lune 8

Get it all done in a New York Minute, and look fabulous doing it. This watch is delicately covered in pearls and will standout amongst their NYC-uniform of all black.