Know What’s Up Down There

Know What’s Up Down There

Because your orgasm deserves better.

The disparity between men and women in the sex-phere has come to be known as the Orgasm Gap — and suprise suprise, men orgasm more. As if we needed less money AND less orgasms.

The Orgasm Gap indicates that while 20% of women do not orgasm, only 2% of men have this same concern (cheers to faking it). The first question that comes to mind is, why?

Well, studies have found that the emotional connection between partners is more likely to lead to a female orgasm than that of a one-night stand. Beyond that, women are even more likely to orgasm alone (roughly in 4-10 minutes) than with a known partner (roughly 20 minutes). The key? Familiarity and knowledge. Familiarity comes with practice, even on ourselves, which is why we’ve assembled the perfect sexual roundup from point A to Z (from getting wet, to cleaning up). Whether you’re looking for some solo play or to elevate sex with your partner, we’re here to drive you into a blinding orgasm.

Understanding the beautiful body and each of its pieces (clitoris, vagina, vulva, and urethra) is key– I don’t think we need to mention how often the clit is “misplaced.” Therefore, not only are we bettering your sex life (and trust us, there is better to be had), but we are putting education at the forefront and letting you get to know your clit!

Debunking and Reviving Sex Education


The clitoris’s singular purpose is pleasure.

The clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere else in the body. With an impressive 8000 nerves (double the amount that the penis has), it is the only body part specifically designed for pleasure– further proof that God is indeed a woman.

Eva II




The clit is more than a head.

Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, the clit has a whole body attached. Shaped like a wishbone with two 3-inch legs, the clit extends into the vagina before connecting to the G-spot. A clitoris’s size can range between women but is able to reach up to 5-inches — which (cough cough) is the average size of the penis.





The fabled “tight” vagina.

The tighter, the better, right? Wrong! Tightness or “looseness” does not equate: the quality of the vagina, the amount of sex the owner has had, or the aftereffects of childbearing (vomiting at the daddy stitch but that’s another issue). Rather, if it indicates anything, it indicates how turned on the recipient is. A tight and dry vagina simply is not aroused, versus a wet and vibrant vag is relaxed and ready to go.





Women don’t just have back-to-back orgasms…

Especially with no foreplay and direct P-to-V sex. Women are capable of many orgasms (unlike their male counterparts, thank you very much), but the highly sensitive clit can affect the body’s ability to see them through. Able to be overstimulated, the clit can become less responsive with each orgasm. So, while the clit is a powerful pleasure tool, give the girl a moment to hit the powder room and refresh.





Prevention: The Sticky Mess.

There are a number of ways that a couple can prevent pregnancy, celibacy is the obvious one. Followed by same sex intercourse. After that, we run down the grapevines of who gets to be the responsible one (spoiler, it’s mostly women). The condom is the easiest, with the least clean up and most safety from STDs. Pulling out is, well, pulling out. Then we follow with IUDs, birth control, and perhaps a vasectomy. Being baby proofed aside, the majority of these prevention methods leave you messy (inside and out). The aftermath? Clean up duty. Soak it up, and then pee it out. Avoid a UTI, please.


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