How to Practice Self-Care from Home with Anam Mahmood

How to Practice Self-Care from Home with Anam Mahmood

Anam Mahmood, who works in recruitment for a non-profit organization, understands how important it is to intentionally practice self-care while working from home. It can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself while spending so much time at home, which is why Anam is sharing her favorite ways to enhance work from home life.

“When I was picking out my recommendations it was important for me to select products that would enhance my quality of life as I work from home but also encourage me to practice self care. From being able to feel put together in the outfits I wear, to my skincare routine to prioritizing being active in my routine I wanted to pick products that would help with that. Furthermore being able to select from The Verticale’s curation of ethical brands with causes that I support is so amazing.”

The Things Anam Can’t Live Without


A WFH Staple

I picked this organic cotton fleece because it’s perfect for working from home. It has comfort and looks great for all the Zoom meetings.

Maya Baltic

Industry Standard



Elevated Joggers

I picked these matching joggers as loungewear sets are so on trend and the slim fit would make it feel more put together.

Maya Jogger Baltic

Industry Standard



A Practical and Elegant Accessory

I recommend this beautiful watch since it’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re constantly on some sort of device. It’s great to have a physical watch to keep track of time and add some arm candy to your wfh outfits.

Mini Lune – Rose Gold – Rose Gold Mesh




The Best Ever Leggings

I recommend these leggings because it’s so important to stay active when you’re constantly sitting all day. Wearing cute and comfortable leggings make the motivation to work out easier.

Aspen Leggings: Black

Reprise Activewear



A Skincare Routine Made Easy

I recommended this skincare set because like the name suggests it has one of everything. It makes it so easy to create a skincare routine and less daunting when you get everything on hand through one kit. Having a morning and night skincare routine is such an important part of my work from home self care.

One. Of. Everything.




A Chic Mock Neck With a Message

I recommended this beautiful mock neck because I loved the idea behind making a statement by literally wearing the message. Ethical and sustainable shopping is so important and this mock neck easily reminds you of that through the beautifully written message.

Georgia “Wear The Change” Mock Neck

Yes And



Fan Favorite High Rise Jeans

I recommended these high rise jeans because even though working from home everyone gravitates towards comfort it’s so important to dress up for yourself.

The Margot Highrise

Industry Standard


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A cause I'm into right now...

Supporting mission driven brands. I’m an advocate of essentialism. This is the thinking that we should invest in better quality products that last a long time because they not only tend to have better “return on investment” in the long-term, but are also more sustainable and better for the planet. Secondly, I care about the ingredients/materials used in the products that I buy to make sure that I’m reducing my carbon footprint. Another thing that I really focus on are the brand's labor practices, which means I don’t mind spending a little extra to help them in their mission of equitable distribution of resources.

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