Holiday Gifting with Social Media IT Girl, Jessica Manning

Jessica Manning wears a lot of hats: influencer, artist, Angeleno, and general walking pinterest board. Her entire instagram is filled with envy-worthy soft neutrals and general LA-warmth– which is much needed during the colder holiday season. To prepare, Jessica took a stroll through The Verticale to stock up on all her holiday necessities– all of which are new brand drops, just by the way.



I love the clean design of this refillable hand soap dispenser.  It fits so beautifully in my kitchen and I love the silicone base to keep it from sliding around. Also, the soaps smell incredible.

Hand Soap Starter Set




Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of pajamas?  I love the silky fabric of these while still being incredibly comfortable.

Limited Edition Sateen + PJ Shorts




I am in love with these headphones.  The noise cancellation is perfect during a workday when I need to zone in and focus, and they’re also amazing for travel.  I recently took them on a flight home to visit family and I can’t believe I’ve gone without these for so long!

Calm Headphones




It’s been a long time since I used an alarm clock that wasn’t my phone and wow is it a game changer.  I love that I don’t reach for my phone first thing in the morning anymore and the preprogrammed sounds and calming white noise are so lovely. I love everything about my Loftie.




Spoken Flames

These candles are lovely. I’m a sucker for a wooden wick and that oh so lovely crackling campfire sound it makes as it burns.  There’s something so nostalgic about that!  They also smell absolutely incredible.

Light it Into Existence




These are the perfect mini bowls you didn’t know you needed.  I recently used them for dips and snacks on a charcuterie board.  I already know they’ll be my go to mid-day snack bowl.  They’re also the perfect size for pre measuring out ingredients when baking.

Mini Bowl Set




These earrings are stunning.  The perfect classic with a unique twist (no pun intended).  I love how they feel substantial when you wear them but they’re easy enough for an everyday staple.

Revel Hoops