8 Essentials to Enjoy Happy Hour from Your Couch

8 Essentials to Enjoy Happy Hour from Your Couch

For people who know that five o’clock is simply a construct and that happy hour starts in the heart and at any time. From easy cocktail kits to gorgeous glasses, this gift guide has everything they need to forget the family drama of Christmas. 


The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Enjoy happy hour from anywhere: the plane, the afternoon commute, hidden away in the office kitchen or at home with a good series. The sky is their limit.




The Italian Spritz Kit

For the lover of Sunday brunch, and who knows that Dom Perignon adds that necessary magic to their life. 




The Margarita Cocktail Kit

Good in a cup, better in a pitcher this mini margarita cocktail kit ensures that they’re ready for a strong happy hour anywhere and, let’s be honest, anytime.




Porter Glass

For the wine-snob, let them bring their drink straight to the party, and the afterparty, without worrying about someone else drinking from their cup.




Porter Straw

“The childlike joy of drinking juice from a straw never dies, it just evolves into a need for stainless-steel straws and wine coolers.” – Ancient Proverb* (*not)




Cozy Carrier Solo Felt Charcoal

If you’re cold, your wine bottle is cold too. Get your best friend the perfect sweater for the season.

Graf Lantz



Short Drinking Glass (set of 4)

No one is too old for shots. However, you might be too old for tacky shot glasses. Just leave the Jell-O at home.

Rigby Home



Riverine Non-Alcoholic Spirit

For those who wish they could drink gin for breakfast, lunch and dinner while staying functional. Rejoice!