Gifts for Your Millennial Friends

A comprehensive gift guide built on the hilarious stereotypes plaguing the hipster generation.

We love our millennials and all the fun stereotypes they’ve succumbed to since avocado toasts and hipsters took over the world. Well, we want to let those millennials know we care so we created an entire gift guide dedicated to their weird quirks and habits. From a beautifully scented candle to the skinniest pair of jeans, gift with purpose.

Stereotype: Millennials Can’t Buy Houses

That’s okay though, we love apartments and you can help make your millennial friends feel more at home with a gorgeous candle and maybe even a relaxing puzzle to decorate their coffee table (which they may ALSO rent).

Four Thieves Candle, Amass, $57

Stereotype: Millennials Love “Friends”

Okay, I mean who doesn’t. But if your friend is a bit of a neat-freak in a very Monica way, then we suggest some cleaning supplies and maybe a latte kit so they can enjoy their own Central Perk moments while they’re at it.

The Starter Kit, Clevr, $74

Clean Suite + Free Tablet Tin, Blueland, $83

Stereotype: Millennials Love Avocado Toast

Not really sure what set this trend off, but all we know is once it started the world was never the same again. Avocados quickly escalated from a toast food to something Kourtney Kardashian makes pudding out of. Our suggestion? Help their addiction with some beautiful hand crafted plates so every instagram photo is crisp and pristine.

Dinner Plate Set, Rigby, $64

Stereotype: Birth of the Girl Boss

Not really sure what set this trend off, but all we know is once it started the world was never the same again. Millennials were there through it all, from the first apple desktop to the creation of insta-influencers and the girl boss movement. For the best girl boss accessory, get them a gorgeous wellness planner and a chic purse (that is actually a lunch box) so that they can look good while taking over the world.

Take It Easy Planner, Papier, $32

Stereotype: Millennials Only Side-Part Their Hair

We’re not sure who started the trend or which 2000s stylist decided it was the it-girl look, but here we are. For the perfect side-part, your millennial friend will need some chic barrettes to keep everything in place and a solid hair care routine to keep that flat-ironed hair healthy. 

Lily Barrette, Each Jewels, $68

The Essentials, Act + Acre, $50

Stereotype: The Rise of The Skinny Jean

This is another fan favorite, the skinny jean. Now millennials are not impartial to high, mid, or low rises but the skinniness of the jean must stay. Help your friend get that tight ass with either a classic white or easy blue pair.

The Odette Jeans, Industry Standard, $180

Stereotype: Millennials Meet Their Soulmates Online

Along with the birth of the internet, millennials were there for the rise of Tinder (Bumble, Hinge, Chirstian Mingle, and the likes too). For the millennials that are still single and swiping left even in their sleep, help them stay comfy while they judge others: wine glasses and pajamas. You’re welcome.

Jackson Sleeveless Jumpsuit, Universal Standard, $78

Stereotype: The Birth-Gen of the Hipster

This doesn’t need explanation, before millennials there were no hipsters and after there were. We’ve left a lot of those craft-beer loving enthusiasts behind in 2015 with their man buns and obsession with Williamsburg, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. For those who can’t let go, try out some fake (blue light) glasses

Roebling – Sazerac Crystal, Felix Gray, $95

Stereotype: Millennials are Lazy

Not sure who wrote this stereotype, but I am pretty sure it was the boomers considering the entire trope is that millennials are lazy because they want a good life outside of work. Sooo weird (?). Anyway, get them a little yoga mat, some eye masks and some pajamas so that Out of Office and WFH really mean something.

The Unity Mat Moss, Nuprava, $68

Stereotype: Millennials Grew up in the 2000s

Okay, this one is not a stereotype, but it DOES mean they were there when Britney and Justin had their iconic jean on jean look and were just a bit envious. Get them everything jean: jacket, jumpsuit, jeans, tops.

The Long Merly Jacket, Able, $180