Gift Your Partner a Night In

Now that it’s getting colder and darker much earlier in the day, it’s time to stave off seasonal depression with your favorite person in the world: your partner. Embrace cuffing season fulling with these cozy gifts that want you to lazily stay in bed all day long. 

Date night starts in the kitchen

Cook up an elaborate meal with a fancy olive oil, or mix together some Mac & Cheese in a durable and gorgeous pot. Whichever you choose, they’ll love it.

Cookware Set



Hit the pillows, head first

Nothing is worse than working all day and coming back to a non-inviting bed. You both deserve better, dress up your bed with some Somn Home sheets for a relaxing night’s rest.

Sömn Luxury Linen Bedding Flat Sheet

Sömn Home


Sometimes you need peace

Yes, you love them and they love you. But sometimes you need a break, maybe they chew loudly or you hum while working. Either way get a pair of soundproof headphones for whichever one of you needs that quiet moment.

Calm Headphones

Know Headphones


It’s not his shirt, but it sure is cozy

Upgrade your bedtime routine with super comfy pajamas, because no one wants to relax in their work clothes. Get a matching pajama set with Ettitude for her and for him.

Limited Edition Sateen PJ Shorts



Couples who skincare together…

Bliss out and hydrate your skin with a Wolf Project face mask for him and a hydrating Grace + Stella face mask for her.

Wolf Project

Hydrating Face Mask Sheet – 5 Pack


If personal grooming is their thing…

For her or him, Leaf Shave is the innovative plastic-free shaving kit that’ll keep both your mustaches and leg hairs at bay.

The Twig Kit

Leaf Shave


So, you want to take this relationship to the next level…

Get some kids! And by “kids,” we mean plants. Lots and lots of plants.

Alocasia ‘Regal Shield’ Plant