Gift Guide (Taylor’s Version)

While this isn’t the ten minute version, we HAVE accumulated our favorite songs and the adjacent gifts we think your favorite Swiftie will fall heads over heels for. From “All Too Well” and its award-worthy music video, to timeless classics like “You Belong With Me.”

All Too Well

For when they have to eat birthday cake alone, all because their (shower-less) boyfriend doesn’t want to commit. Or maybe it’s just their fifth time watching Dylan O’Brien in the music video.

Dinner Plate Set



I Knew You Were Trouble

Because Taylor would want them to throw that trouble back in style, even when they’re lying on the cold, hard ground.

Can Can Black Croco




Have them follow this golden string right into meadows and forests born of folklore. Yes, the more you say the less they know but this gift transcends words.

Wildflower Necklace



Wildest Dreams

With the soft beats of this hit, let them imagine that they’re running through the African desert with some handsome arm-candy. This African-bred face and body oil will be something they’ll remember even standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe.

Baobab Oil Head to Toe




A deep shade of red that will replicate the feeling of driving a brand new Maserati down a dead end street.

Paris at 7PM

Madame Gabriela


Champagne Problems

The soft melody of this song will lull them into the perfect main-character moment of doing a puzzle by a roaring fireplace.

Champagne Problems Puzzle

Piecework Puzzles


Mr. Perfectly Fine

This necklace is perfect, here to stay, will look them in the eyes, and never go away. Gold or silver, till the end of their days. No more Miss Misery here.

Unity Links Necklace



You Belong With Me

Sometimes they wear t-shirts and sit on the bleachers, but these very sleek blue-light glasses will assure that they don’t damage their eyes while video chatting with their neighbor… holding poster boards for some reason. 

Jemison Whiskey Tortoise

Felix Gray



The ultimate cozy piece for them to dance to, in their Levi’s under a streetlight. This cardigan by Able will shortly become a favorite. No more feeling like an old cardigan under someone’s bed!

Maggie Chunky Cardigan




It doesn’t get better than this. Give them the gift of wanderlust, inspiring them to go dance in a storm, in their best dress, fearless!

Fearless Candle

Spoken Flames