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Wild One

Ciao Darling! 

We hope you’re getting all your main-character fall moments: the apple picking, the falling in love at a coffee shop, the Harry & Sally Katz’s scene ????. Either way, whatever you do, we know you’ll look cute doing it because who doesn’t kill a good layering look? Though if you don’t know where to start maybe check out The Arrivals? 

Ready for the tea? We’re adding a crazy amount of brands this month (cough cough 14), but you can start by saying Aloha to your new fav sustainable staples. We also got crazy obsessed with pet brands (because Pancake deserves the best). Also for all our fellow shopping addicts, we’ve officially added Afterpay to our site. Generally, we have A LOT going on– we’re very excited. Now go forth and see some sneak peaks ????

Hopefully this will be a better companion than watching the sun drop out at 5pm ✨ See you here, every Wednesday.

-Jaclyn + Michelle, Founders

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Busy Doing What?: Our Founders Keeping it Real

Jaclyn’s Busy…

  • Being in awe of this girl who got La Colombe cut back on the plastic of their pre-made coffee.
  • Kind of losing it over our holiday imagery, sorry not sorry– you gotta let me fan-girl for a moment. 
  • Reading up on how recycled cotton is affecting the farmers

Michelle’s Busy…

Wild One

The Latest: Brands to Join our Crew

Wild One: Tired of Mean Girls: dog park edition? Send your pet-kid off to their first day of school with a fresh new fit; it’s the least you could do. 

Alohas: No, it’s not a Hawaiian vacation, but it’s pretty close. Barcelona (or Barthelona, as the locals say) is bringing the latest in-season looks, because they can. 

 ICYMI While You Were Watching Taylor Swift’s Newest Music Video…

  • We launched a gift guide for all your Millennial friends
  • We talked about how beds are on fire
  • We generously hit off the holiday season with a giveaway

Diving Deep: How “Sustainability” Made it into The Food Industry

The modern consumer has grown to show an interest in establishing a more sustainable and socially responsible life, and a Forbes study has delved into understanding where the cross section between our social interests of sustainability meets our consumption of food– an industry long hounded by “healthy” practices. 

THE STATISTICS: Show that the modern consumer wants to purchase from brands that are considered “socially” and “environmentally” friendly, specifically in regards to consumers: 

  • 65% want products that will help them live more sustainable/socially responsible lives.
  • 60% buy from companies that are socially and/or environmentally responsible
  • 54% will try to purchase from brands that take a stand on social/environmental issues

ECO-LABELS: How are food companies leaning into the idea of sustainability? The short answer: eco-labels. This major trend started in the 1990s with “organic”– which remains the single most important eco-labels. But today there are over 200 different ones such as: Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance.

CONSUMER CONFUSION: Of course all these labels would lead to confusion. Consider when you go to the supermarket and a single snack has about 8 different stamps on them. Not even that, many people don’t fully comprehend what these labels mean, such as “Non-GMO” which has led to a lot of controversy due to how it is monitored. So what we have seen is an increase in single-ingredient eco-labels like RSPO (sustainable palm oil).

WHERE IS THE FOCUS: Sustainability used to be focused on environmental impacts: carbon footprint, waste management, renewable energy, packaging footprint and water use– especially innovative practices of regenerative agriculture. But since the pandemic we have noticed a shift towards the issues of social inequality and health issues. Because of this, many companies are shifting to also encompass the economic and social inclusion of small farmers. 

Therefore the food industry has grown to juggle the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic impacts. And how they’ll go about proving it.

See ya next week, same time same place.