Forward Newsletter | Issue 12: The Holidays Have Spoken

Co-Founders Jaclyn + Michelle

Welcome to Our TEDTalk, 

We are moving through this year so quickly, and with that some exciting news is coming your way. Besides the second (third, ninety-ninth??) coming of Mariah Carey, we are also launching a pets collection (very VERY soon), we are also going to (consensually) slide into your DMs– so sign up for our SMS messaging. 

What else… What else? We are also launching gift cards, which is exciting because they’re basically the equivalent of ordering fries for the table, no one wants to admit they want it and yet somehow at the end of the night they’re all gone. Basically? It’s foolproof. 

That’s it on the news sphere, now please enjoy the rest of our newsletter which centers around some fun holiday stuff, an astrology gift guide (for the crazy Gemini in your life), and all the wild stuff we get up to during the week.

Hopefully this will be a better companion than that big puffy coat you’ve scavenged out of your closet ✨ See you here, every Wednesday.

-Jaclyn + Michelle, Founders

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Busy Doing What?: Our Founders Keeping it Real

Jaclyn’s Busy…

  • Reading about how our girl Greta Thundenburg says climate talks are getting green washed
  • Thinking that I’ve got to go to Ithaca, NY now that they’ve decided to decarbonize every building
  • Imagining myself as one of those “Toddlers in Tiaras” moms now that Pancake was the star of our pet product photoshoot ????

Michelle’s Busy…

 ICYMI While You Were Watching the NYC Marathon…

  • We wrote a gift guide according to your astrology sign
  • We got festive with our website
  • We recommended a Capsule Wardrobe for him

Diving Deep: How Sustainability Got Left Behind in the Rush of Fashion Week

After the pandemic, the interest in sustainable products began to grow (especially from those individuals who were working from home). 61% agreed that they wanted products with a traceable/transparent origin, 62% wanted to buy from companies that were conscious of the environment, 61% admitted that they were intentionally buying more eco-friendly products, and 60% said that they specifically look for sustainable certifications on their products. 

So where does this leave us? Well, the fashion industry heard all this loud and clear and shifted their attention to better accommodate the “conscious” demand, to “start a new chapter.” At this point last year, designers were wearing their sustainability on their sleeves with big ambitions to shake things up: upcycling old pieces (Francesco Risso); using organic cotton and recycled synthetic fibers (Balenciaga); using leftover fabrics (Hearst & McCartney); creating “silk” from rose petals (Collina Strada); and partnering with local Nigerian and Mexican weavers (Kenneth Ize & Colville). Overall, it was a very innovative period. 

But with Spring 2022, came the prioritization of making an impact (socially and emotionally) over environmentally. The shows became less about the clothes and more about the experiences: music festivals, Simpsons episodes, social gatherings, etc (the more instagramable, the better). As an overall theme, sustainability took a backseat. Is it for lack of interest or for the fear of being called out on their double standard of conscious collections in non-conscious gatherings?

The good news, (because you know we love good news), is that some designers decided to stick with their innovative collections. Maria Cornejo is invested in reducing her carbon footprint via a vertical production line; Ashlynn Park is working with a made-to-order model; and even Balenciaga (under Gvasalia’s eye) has had its most sustainable collection ever (with 95% of materials being “certified sustainable” meaning they use organic cottons, recycled polyester/nylon, and have taken to upcycled other fabrics like leather. 

So, we’re getting there, just not everyone is on board yet. 

Stella McCartney Summer 2020

See ya next week, same time same place.