Forward Newsletter Intro | Issue 01: Your wake up call

Forward Newsletter Intro | Issue 01: Your wake up call

Hey hey,

Welcome to the first ever Forward newsletter: the new cornerstone of casual conscious shopping and everyday life. We launched the Forward newsletter because, well, we’ve been wanting to spend more time with you.

A compilation of the best of the best for you, ranging from how we spend our weekends to how Cold-Pressed oils are the future of skincare. Hopefully this will be a better companion than that triple-shot espresso getting you through the morning. See you in your inbox, every Wednesday.

-Jaclyn + Michelle, Founders

@jaclyngrauman & @miche.silverstein

The Latest: Newest Brands to Join Our Crew

Folden Lane: Beautiful baskets to organize the mess we call our lives: from the shoes waiting for just the RIGHT occasion to wear; to the COVID hobbies you’ve since abandoned; or the drawer of takeout menus you’ve never thrown out (honestly, it’s not 2015, we have seamless now 🤭).

Nori is looking to downsize your routine with the next sleek generation of wrinkle removal. Who even has space for an ironing board? Skip all that and hide a Nori in the nooks and crannies of your closet for any wrinkle-mishap.

Busy Doing What?: Our Founders Keeping it Real

Jaclyn’s Busy…

  • Jotting down my thoughts on conscious consumerism in this Medium article ✍️
  • Hanging with my pup Pancake 🥞 and considering reactivating his instagram.
  • Trying not to have a Resting Beach Face 😉 every time I go out in the sun.
  • City-biking around Williamsburg, find me at  Sunday in BrooklynY7 or Egg Shop – b/c damn if cardio isn’t important.

Michelle’s Busy…

  • Still decorating the apartment I moved into many many months ago– COVID delays are real! For now I’ll have to take pleasure in the small things, like pillows
  • Stickering Lower Manhattan with The Verticale stickers– ready or not Nolita! 
  • Avoiding hangovers 🥴 with non-alcoholic wines (the more the merrier, no?)
  • Tracking how many times I stop to pet a dog on my morning runs– how can you not?! 🐶

Diving Deep:  Something you didn’t know about Cold Processing– Why it Exists and How it Works.

Traditionally, your shampoos and conditioners are formulated with a conventional heating method. Mixed at over 300ºF (for 5+ hours), the heat in this method evaporates active ingredients and needs parabens, silicons, and sulfates to stabilize and aid performance. This process is lengthy and bad for natural ingredients.

Enter Act & Acre’s Cold-Processed technology, dreamed up by founder and celebrity hairstylist Helen Reavey. How is cold processing different? Firstly, cold pressed ingredients maintain and strengthen the potency of nutrients and oils. Act & Acre’s Cold Process uses hyperbaric chambers, ice cold water, and 1,200 pounds of pressure to combine plant-based ingredients. By never exceeding a temperature of 68ºF, the active ingredients remain fresh and potent.  

Act + Acre’s products help hair at the root of the issue: the scalp! The impact of their innovative formulas has been proven in clinical studies done by Princeton Lab: a consistent regimen will remove 95% of scalp and hair buildup while simultaneously promoting healthy hair shine and growth.

See ya next week, same time same place.

Act + Acre