Our Itinerary for a Summer Weekend Away from NYC

Our Itinerary for a Summer Weekend Away from NYC

The summer is slowly coming to a close, and you’ve spent the entire time either at a desk or working from home. That’s okay. It’s safe to say that no one quite knew what to expect from this summer with the varying COVID restrictions and quickly vaccinated population. So, if you’re at your wits end about what to do now, to at least say you did something, we’ve got you covered

You deserve a vacation.

No need to compromise between sustainability, conscious shopping and travel, because we’ve accumulated the best getaways with those ideals in mind. Between antique shopping, farm-to-table restaurants and nature hikes, you won’t even miss the fast-paced wasteful consumerism. The key to being environmentally conscious here is that all these locations: are not far from New York City; are easily accessible via train or car to save you excess carbon emissions; and will just be fun.

Beacon, NY

An easy day trip, you can drive there (consider carpooling with friends) or take the MetroNorth train to get to this waterfront town in 1.5 hours. After sitting for that duration, perhaps you would like to walk around and enjoy nature on one of the many hiking trails available.

Beacon is best known for its local craftsmanship. Visit Wickham studios for a look at some beautiful, handcrafted, wooden furniture. Or if you are willing to try your hand at it, you can learn to blow glass and create intricate decor.

If you are more interested in an afternoon of leisure, you should visit Beacon’s finely curated art museum the dia:beacon, before checking out the Beacon Flea Market – where everything must either be vintage or locally crafted.

Finally, you must be hungry after all these activities. Go and enjoy some cheese & wine, or an American restaurant that focuses on local produce.

Hudson, NY

Looking for a weekend getaway but still want the beauty and ease of the Hudson Valley? Easily accessible by Amtrak, this 18th century Port town is your answer. Since its early days (and we mean early), Hudson has become a destination for all things related to food and antiquing.

Walking up and down the main street, you will see a range of carefully curated antique stores which boast things like gorgeous dining tables, 1950s clocks, french furniture, and weird garden gnomes. There really is something for everyone, if you’re willing to hunt for it.

You should show up hungry to Hudson, our only warning to you. If you want to know where the food on your plate comes from – and we mean really know, because it is grown and raised just a few miles away by the owners themselves– go to Grazin’ Hudson. There also is a traditional French restaurant that makes all their breads and pastries in house (the brunch is to die for). Drink your coffee next to some Harley Davidsons and indulge in probably the best waffles of your life? Yes, please.

If you want a bit of everything (community, good coffee, shopping, and good environment) look no further than Wylde.

Wrap yourself up in your vintage finds, a good cup of coffee, and enjoy the view for the whole weekend.

Philadelphia, PA

Perhaps this one isn’t such a “hidden” find, but Philadelphia has a trove of activities to have a sustainable vacation: conscious retail shops, museums, farm-to-table restaurants, and it’s a short distance (1.5 hours) accessible by Amtrak.

Most obviously because of its deep roots in American history, Philadelphia has an impressive collection of museums – and what can be more sustainable than treasuring items past their initial lifespan? There are close to 100 museums in Philly, which means you can curate your visit to your specific historical interests: American Jewish HistoryThe American Revolution, basically a giant science labfine artsRodin’s The Thinker, disturbing 1850s medicine and models (think skulls), or maybe Al Capon’s prison.

If museums don’t spark your interest perhaps you would like to visit a store that prides itself on household sustainability, creating a haven for refilling things like washing detergent and soap. Dedicated to creating a plastic-free home, visit Good Buy Supply.

Besides its deep history, Philly is also known for its restaurant culture. More than anything, it has a healthy selection of farm-to-table restaurants that hail their ingredients and curate their menus according to the produce in the tri-state area.

Visit the first ever farm-to-table Philadelphia ever saw, which opened its doors in 1983 and still operates under the same values: White Dog Cafe. Or, escape the city and visit Talula’s Garden. The delicious American-Italian cuisine is constantly changing to deliver the best meals. Talula’s is also known for its award-winning cheeses, which come from local producers Doe Run Farm and Birchrun Hills Farm.

Finally, at the close of the trip, treat yourself to something sweet: Weckerly’s Ice Cream. This “farm to scoop” locally sources all its eggs, creams, and peak-season ingredients to create the highest quality ice cream within its micro-creamery.