Embracing a Spring Refresh with Geneva Boyett

Chicago-based photographer, Geneva Boyett, is embracing the new season. She’s excited to come out of winter hibernation and greet a new (and much warmer!) season that is full of possibility. Spring, for Geneva, is all about ridding yourself of old harmful habits in favor of the rituals and routines that serve you and your lifestyle. Spring is a an opportunity to care for the body and mind, helping you lead a fuller and richer life.

“For many of us, spring embodies newness of life and it’s an opportunity to refresh and reset as we look to the year ahead. My theme is all about making an intentional effort to shake off the winter blues and start our bodies and minds off on the right foot as we welcome the new season. It can be easy to fall into habits that aren’t serving us so this is an opportunity to check in with yourself, bring healthy habits into the new season while leaving behind non-beneficial ones. When we take the time to care for our body and mind, we become more grounded and nourished, which in turn allows us to live life to its fullest.”

The Things Geneva Can’t Live Without


The Best Way to Achieve Hydration Goals

As our days get busier, it’s so important to remember to stay hydrated! It’s one of those things that can really make or break how good a day is. When I’m properly hydrated not only do I feel better but I notice a big difference in my cognition and general mood as well. Having a water bottle on hand not only is a great visual reminder to drink water but makes it super accessible to grab a sip wherever you are.

Frost 1L




An Elegant and Practical Accessory

When I rely on my phone for the time, I’ve noticed that it’s SO easy for me to get distracted and begin scrolling. Wearing a physical watch like this one helps me stay off the screen and be more present as I go about my day to day.

Ava – Brushed Gold




A Facial at Home

As our days begin to get busier, it’s so important to continue taking care of your skin! This trio set is basically a mini facial at home and is the perfect way to unwind after a long day and pamper yourself so you’re fresh and ready-to-go tomorrow.

Let It Glow Trio




The Trick to Extra Glowy Skin

After a long Chicago winter, my skin needs a lot of help feeling moisturized again. I love that this face oil is basically a super moisturizing vitamin-packed treat for skin that’s needing a bit of extra TLC.

Rejuvenating Face Oil

Hempathy Living



Game-Changing Headphones

I work from home most days and share an office with my husband, who is often on meetings and calls throughout the day himself! Having noise-cancelling and comfortable headphones is a total game changer and it really makes you feel like you can dial into your work comfortably without the distractions of what’s going on around you.

Calm Headphones

Know Headphones



The Chicest Sunglasses

I love how chic and effortless this pair of shades make any outfit feel. Whether I’m going on a quick trip to the store or headed to a socially distanced work meeting, these sunglasses always make me feel so put together!

The Midway – Black Smoke



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A cause I'm into right now...

Bringing awareness to anti-asian discrimination: there's been a disproportionate increase in AAPI hate within the past year and as someone who is Chinese American and who grew up with first-generation immigrant parents, this is something that definitely hits home for me. Appreciating Asian culture isn't exclusive to reporting violence or calling someone out for an inappropriate comment, although this is incredibly important too, it's also about celebrating Asian culture through amazing food, listening to Asian stories, and partaking in Asian joy. I'm so proud of my heritage and I try to use my social media platform to invite others into my culture through sharing recipes, traditions, and even just creating content as an Asian American. By bringing the Asian American story into the conversation, we might be able to begin undoing the harm that's been caused through the insidious "Model Minority" role that society has placed us in.

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