8 Luxurious Gifts under $100

The definitive list for the people in your life that you’re close with: your BFF, your favorite sibling (we all have one), your work-wife, or maybe even yourself. Find them a haircare routine, a dreamy lotion, or something to organize their home with. Whatever it is, they’ll love it. 


Scalp Gua Sha + Detox System

Get them luscious salon-worthy hair with this combo gua-sha comb and detox elizar that leaves itchy scalps behind.

Get your blood flowing

Act + Acre



Pseudo Citrine Lotion

Don’t let their skin be a victim of the weather and excess hand-washing. Give them everything and more with the lemon + grapefruit scent of Pseudo Citrine.

Don’t Be Thirsty




Small Non-Stick Skillet

When has a good nonstick skillet ever NOT been useful? Maybe they just moved out of their parents house or have decided cheese-taco shells are the epitome of cuisine, either way this pan is a win-win.

Goat-Cheese Frittata for One




Waffle Bathrobe

Get this for your mom, and then get one for yourself because she will love it and you won’t regret it. Who doesn’t love a plush bathrobe?

Maple Syrup Not Included




The Single

For anyone who just has too much stuff, get them to organize it all with these aesthetically pleasing baskets.

Organize your life

Folden Lane



Nesting Trays (3 PC.)

The perfect trinket tray set for bedside and coffee table, that makes sure they never lose the little things they’re looking for. 

To declutter your life

Open Spaces



Upcycled Hoodie

Because it’s impossible to own too many hoodies…

Pair with Sweatpants

Tact & Stone



Jetsetter Trouser

For the avid traveller in your life, these pants make going from airport to airbnb as easy as pie. And they’ll look cute doing it too!

Travel in Style