10 Gifts to Splurge On

Are you trying to impress someone? Maybe a best friend, a mother, a mother-in-law, or a snobby aunt? Whoever it may be, we’ve curated a collected list of all the best gifts over $100: a handheld iron, a lunchbox turned purse, a watch, or some incredible sexy shoes. 


The Luncher

For the friend who has officially gone back to the office and doesn’t want to blow their entire paycheck on daily lunches. This gorgeous lunchbox leaves no one the wiser because of how un-lunch-box-y it looks. 

Pack Yourself Some Twizzlers

Modern Picnic



Delicate Strap Knit Dress Black

The basic black dress, re-masterized to fit all of their post-armageddon, 2021 cocktail needs. 

This dress would never lose a guy in 10 days




The Nori Press

The handheld iron that makes getting ready and out the door in a breeze, easy. Get for the person who constantly shows up in wrinkle clothes, or who is a neat freak about their look (AKA the Virgo in your life). 

No Ironing Board Required




The Chrono S – Dark Olive/Silver 40M

Do they want to be the Bond villain, or Bond? You decide. Both look smolderingly good in this watch. 

Never be late




Cookware Set

For the friend who just moved, either out of college, out of their parents’ house, in with a significant other, or generally has wanted to get into cooking more. This multi-piece set fulfills all of their Gordon Ramsey dreams. 

In the Kitchen, Wrist Twistin’




Georgia Yin & Yang

These could be in an art museum, but luckily for them, they’re just a click away. Handmade for every person, so that they’re just as special and unique as they are.

If you need to run out on that bad date




The Starter

Get them organized with these chic basket sets, in three sizes and four (!) neutral colors.

Three’s a crowd

Folden Lane



Calm Heaphones

For the person who needs a totally zen environment to work, sleep, or gym. These noise cancelling headphones are a DREAM. 

It’s not a problem if I can’t hear it

Know Headphones



Outbreaker Daypack

The ideal backpack for all quests and misadventures. Sleek, useful, and right here.

From Work, With Love




Loftie Clock

For the early riser that needs an alarm, but doesn’t want the iPhone’s traumatizing one 

Hit snooze