9 Female-Founded Wellness Brands You Need to Add to Your Routine

There’s a sticky heteronormative belief that keeps women much busier than their male counterparts. Women spend about 50% more time on household chores than men– while also working their own full-time jobs. It’s no wonder that women suffer from sever burn outs during the week. Enter this group of 9 female founders who decided to put their wellness first.



Alexandra and Janet created Dame with female sexual wellness in mind. Dame’s purpose is to ensure that all people with vulvas gain pleasure in the bedroom, similarly and at the same rate as their cis male counterparts.


Busy Co

Female founded, Busy Co products empower women to change beauty and self-care standards– without compromising their busy schedules.



Michelle Larivee and Dr. Shari Auth founded WTHN together because of the incredible benefits Traditional Chinese Medicine had on both of their lives.


Act + Acre

Helen Reavey is one half of the duo behind Act+Acre, using her knowledge of the haircare industry to elevate Act+Acre’s products.



Katie Webb founded aila to upgrade the busy, multi-tasking, modern-day woman’s everyday routine.



Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens have been in the natural period care industry since 1993, making sure every menstruator is getting the products their vagina deserves.



Jacklyn wanted to take a moment and practice mindfulness with a mat that was as conscious as she was.



Founded by Nichole Powell to bring out the nature-lover in each of us, while taking actions to protect the very outdoors we love to explore.


Spoken Flames

Founder and maker Shavaun is a Black woman who taps into her personal rituals and creativity to help her customers create a venn diagram of mental health, aromatherapy, and spoken word.