5 People Who Actually Make you Feel Good About Exercise (No Fatphobia Included)

Welcome to January, the month where all our social media feeds somehow seem to align to make us feel bad about ourselves. The New Year, New Me mentality has started and with it, all the gyms have flooded and all the “healthy, low calorie” recipes are back. Can we just say, ick? Let’s leave the fatphobia in 2021, shall we?

To give you a break, help you breathe, and make you feel good about moving your body– without the pressure of weight loss, because let’s be honest, you’re gorgeous as is. So, here are 5 people who love to move, exercise and stay on their toes for no other reason than to be happy. Find your dopamine hit below. 



Writer, activist and podcaster, Jessamyn’s feed is filled with yoga-inspo and advocating for every body type. Jessamyn doesn’t shy away from any topic, and she’s a breath of fresh air that will leave you saying “namaste”

@mynameisjessamyn on Instagram


Meg Boggs

A mother who lifts and doesn’t shy away from body advocacy. If you’re interested in HIIT exercises or breaking down stereotypes like the cringy “before/after” imagery, Meg has got it all.  

@meg.boggs on Instagram


Bethany C Meyers

Gorgeously pastel, Bethany is the founder of the Become Project, which welcomes everyone and every body to get moving. Focused on being approachable, inclusive, and body neutral, you’re guaranteed to find something that gets you on your feet.

@bethanycmeyers on Instagram


Reyna Cohan

Focused on body-kind yoga, Reyna’s page is filled with the affirmations, tips, and inspiration to get you started– moving any way you want to.

@reynisima on Instagram



Lauren focuses on body liberation and finding happiness in movement. As a personal trainer and Barre teacher, she knows EXACTLY how to take you through fun complicated movements.

@laurenleavellfitness on Instagram