7 Black-Owned Brands to Have on Your Radar 

Black individuals have long been overlooked in their contributions to society, whether that be the popularity of music styles, the availability of plus-size fashion, the modern home security system, the three-light traffic sign, the potato chip, refrigerated trucks, and honestly so many more things that would drastically change society as it is today. So why do we limit ourselves when shopping? Why stop at a 15% pledge? Black-owned brands are breaking barriers, and here are some of our favorite ones. 


Romy Studio

Romy Studio was founded by Camille and creates gorgeous statement piece earrings. Not only are the earrings a gorgeous array of pastels, but they are also locally made in Washington, D.C., and made in small batches. 


Range Beauty

Range Beauty was founded by Alicia as a solution to the lack of shades available within the makeup and fashion industry. This brand is inclusive of not only skin tones but also skin types– it is the first makeup line for acne-prone skin. 


Adwoa Beauty

Adwoa Beauty is a modern, non-toxic, gender-neutral haircare brand that is dedicated to adding moisture and gorgeous kinks to multi-cultural hair textures. They’re transparent about their ingredients, so we can all have the lush hair of our dreams. 


Jade Swimwear

JADE Swimwear is founded by former fashion editor and stylist Brittney Kozerski, and it’s focused on versatility as well as minimalist cuts. Every suit is designed in NYC and made in LA so you can wear it to the beach, trek in it through the city, or lounge on a balcony somewhere.



Edas is designed by Sade Mims, who incorporates their creative skills into each product. Edas creates innovative and refurbished accessories for the everyday woman who expresses herself in the signature pieces she wears. Every Edas jewelry piece is overseen and crafted by hand. 



ByChari is Chari Cuthbert‘s reflection of life and style, specifically through the expression of jewelry. Each handmade piece is made in LA and is effortless, unique, and modern for the woman who wants to spice up her daily outfit. 



Briogeo is Nancy Twine’s ode to her grandmother’s haircare recipes. Briogeo formulates high-performance hair products that get you the soft, lush hair of your dreams.