10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Boring (or Chocolate)

In case you didn’t already know from the frenzy of pink and red goodies currently taking over your Target, CVS, Walmart, etc.’s shelves, Valentine’s is upon us. Unlike other years, we want to leave behind the mundane bouquets and chocolates and focus on finding a consciously cool Valentine. We’re taking out the red + pink and adding a unique brand of romance your partner won’t be able to resist. Enter our list of 10 super not boring, very conscious, and guaranteed people-pleasing gifts. 



Good things come in pairs, and what’s more romantic than charging your phones side-by-side?




Tact & Stone

You already steal your partner’s hoodie, may as well get this super soft upcycled one to share. 

Upcycled Hoodie




Falling in love is about all of those running through the airport tropes, but it’s also about the little things– the routines. Buy some matching robes to lounge, live, laugh, love in (pardon the inspirational quote)

Waffle Bathrobe



Isle de Nature

Nothing gets us in “the mood” like a romantic candlelight dinner, bedroom, or bathtub. Essentially? You can’t go wrong.

Pagua Bay Fragrance Luxury Beeswax Candle



10 Grove

You’re probably going to fumble around in the sheets a bit, whether that be because one of you hogs the covers or for… other reasons. So you may as well enjoy the sensation of these high-quality sheets. 

The Whole Shebang



Dame Products

There’s no need to stress about it when this vibrating pleasure creator operates hands-free, so you can get down to business while your partner REALLY enjoys themselves. 




Wander Beauty

Maybe you don’t want to go out, after all, what more do you need but each other? Get your partner in a zen mood with these gold eye masks. 

Baggage Claim Eye Masks




What says romantic like jewelry? Sure this one won’t be at the bottom of a champagne glass (unless), but this unisex ring is ideal for any partner who loves a simple touch to their daily looks. 

Drink of You




 End the night with a relaxing massage. The good news? Even if you don’t feel up to giving a massage, your partner probably needs a good lotion anyway with how dry all this sanitizing is making their hands!

Four Thieves Lotion



The Verticale

Are you still stressed? Okay, don’t worry, The Verticale Gift Card is the ultimate gift for those who don’t know what their partner may want. It’s flexible, conscious, and shows that you trust their opinion more than anything (and who doesn’t like that?).

Digital Gift Card