10 Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions (that aren’t at the gym)

Welcome to the end of the year where we fall under the same routine again and again: enjoying time with our families, eating our favorite cookies, and deciding what path we’ll take for a “new year, new me.” With January becomes the unofficial month of weight-loss attempts and fitness frenzies. 

Yet 64% of resolutions made are abandoned at the end of January– after only four weeks! 

So, what can you do? For one, resolutions should not be societal expectations, but things you truly enjoy. Don’t do anything because you believe you “should” but because you want to. Remember that your goals are not destinations but journeys for a “better” you. Make sure to always ask yourself why you’re doing this resolution, what are you measuring? Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself and don’t think big– it’s overwhelming.

Having said that, here are some suggestions for non-toxic New Year’s Resolutions that will lead to happier, healthier (and hopefully long-term) goals 

1. Start Moving

We’re not talking about HIIT Classes here, but simply moving in a way that is joyful for you: yoga, daily walks or dance

2. Learn a New Skill

This goal will help you in the long run, and maybe this is something you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Learn a language, start meditating, or maybe finally get a driver’s license (like one of our team members).

3. Read More

Not only does reading improve language skills and help you unplug from your devices, but they’re also great conversation starters. Maybe even join a book club.

4. Shop Consciously

Studies have shown that the more we consume, the less happier we are with every additional purchase. By shopping consciously, we not only become happier but also help the Earth.

5. Get Organized

Having an organized space has been shown to increase productivity and decrease stress, making your personal space more peaceful and relaxing.

6. Start Journaling

Since the COVID-19, many of us have had a lot of moments to ourselves: working from home or avoiding others like the plague. Start journaling your thoughts, emotions, desires, or state of mind– it even reduces stress.

7. Cooking at Home

Maybe you spend most of your paycheck on delivery, or you find cooking to be a relaxing experience, either way this goal is a very useful one! Buy a recipe book, create romantic dinners for yourself, and maybe learn to incorporate more produce in your diet.

8. Unplug

We’re all addicted to our devices, and the blue light they emit. Unplugging more often (maybe even sleeping in a separate room from your phone) can help decrease a lot of the negative side effects too much screen time can lead to.

9. Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is so important: it helps our brain and bodies reset, it reduces stress, helps regulate blood pressure and heart health. Make your bedroom into an oasis, invest in melatonin if you need it and maybe you’ll even become a morning person…

10. Find a Work / Life Balance

Post pandemic, many of us are working from home and have created irregular working patterns (sending emails at 11pm from bed, tsk tsk). Create a routine to transition from work to home lifestyles.