10 Female-Founded Products That Will Change Your Home

You spend most of your life inside of your home, staring at the walls, cooking in the kitchen, and sitting on the couch– why not make the most of it? We’ve curated the 10 best female-founded products to upgrade your home so that you’re actually excited to spend time sprawled out amongst your things. Want crackling candles, cool wallpaper, a low-maintenance plant, or a charcuterie board to officially pave your way into “adulthood”? Look no further than here. 


I can, I will, I did.

Founded by Shavaun Christian, upgrade your home with the smell of a clean, spring forest and the crackle of this candle’s wooden wick. 



Basilisk Breath Lotion

Founded by Morgan Mclachlan and Mark Lynn, upgrade your end tables by keeping this sensory skin lotion within arms reach. Made with a nourishing blend of sweet almond and coconut oil to keep your skin crack-free and baby-smooth.

AMASS – $72


Short Drinking Glass (Set of 4)

Founded by Sara Kelly, upgrade your kitchen with these hand-blown glasses made in Portugal. Fill with cocktails at your next party, a green juice in the mornings, or a refreshing glass of water. 

RIGBY – $56


Hand Soap Starter Set

Founded by Sarah Pura & Jamison Pereira, upgrade your bathroom countertop and limit your single-use plastic consumption with this gorgeous stainless steel soap dispenser and the trio of refillable soaps.

EDDI – $65


Waffle Bathrobe

Founded by Phoebe Yu, upgrade your lazy morning routine with this lush towel. Take a shower, scroll through your phone, make some breakfast, and just relax.  



Versus Boards

Founded by Andrea Hill, upgrade your kitchen countertop with these three curved cutting boards that will make a picturesque backdrop for your next charcuterie party. 




Founded by Courtney Toll and Annabel Love, upgrade your closet by keeping everything nice and pressed. The Nori Press is a handheld iron that lets you downsize your routine without sacrificing how you loo



Monstera Deliciosa

Founded by Eliza Blank, upgrade your window sill with a gorgeous plant that will add life to your home. Everyone needs some low-effort responsibility every once in a while and the Monstera Deliciosa plant is just that. 

THE SILL – $55


Eucalif Wallpaper

Founded by Justina, upgrade your walls with this easy-to-use peel and stick wallpaper that will add a unique POP to your walls. Find something to stare at besides your phone every now and then.

JUNGALOW – $5-$199



Founded by Nicole Gibbons, upgrade your walls with easy-to-use paint for those who’re not a fan of wallpaper. Customize your space to make it uniquely yours.

CLARE – $59